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VOLK Flannel is an independent brand that derives from a fast alternative (street) lifestyle – combining passion for extreme sports, loud music and tattoos. The brand was conceived from the love for flannel, designed from scratch and nurtured to (a) perfection.

Extreme lifestyle taught us to always push ourselves to the limit in order to find comfort and that’s what we implemented into our flannel. Designed and tested in the extreme environments and situations on our (wolf) paths through the vast Slovenian forests and cliffs or urban crusades on the sunny side of the Alps. We make our shirts from a special poly-rayon blend, and we design them from scratch.

You will find new, hidden things each time you put on our shirts…buttons that match with the name, customized label, and most important: shirts that don’t lose their form.

With our shirts you become a wolf in Volk's clothing!

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