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at volk flannel,
every shirt tells a story

of relentless passion, untamed spirit, and the wild heart of the wolf. Designed and tested in Slovenia's diverse landscapes, from its dense forests to urban terrains, our flannel shirts are more than just clothing. They are memories, adventures, and discoveries.
Discover hidden surprises each time - matching buttons that resonate with our name, bespoke labels, and most crucially, shirts that stand the test of time and memory.
With VOLK flannel, you're not just wearing a shirt. You're donning an attitude. Become the wolf in Volk's clothing. Embrace the wild.
This content is designed to be more than just words; it's an ethos. We delve deep into the alchemy of fabric and fashion, ensuring every VOLK Flannel creation embodies the fierce spirit and audacity of the wolf.

why flannel?

Flannel isn't just a fabric to us; it's an age-old canvas that carries stories of rebellion, freedom, and unyielding spirit. The very texture is synonymous with our brand's DNA - raw, rugged, yet remarkably refined.

the volk

As guardians of alternative street fashion, we guarantee an unmatched blend of style, comfort, and durability. Our shirts don't just look good; they feel great. Whether you're traversing the rugged terrains of Slovenian forest or navigating the urban mazes, VOLK Flannel stands with you, resilient against wear and tear.

& innovation

Every stitch, every seam, every button is a testament of our dedication to craftsmanship. Our design process is thorough, drawing inspiration from the bustling streets to the serene landscape of Slovenia. We are constantly innovating, researching, and refining our techniques to provide our wolves with nothing but the best.



VOLK Flannel is not just a brand; it's a movement. A community of like-minded individuals who embrace the wild, the free, and the untamed. When you wear VOLK you're not just a customer; you're a family. And in this pack, every wolf has a choice.
Embrace the legacy, wear your spirit, and let the world see the wolf within. At VOLK Flannel, we don't just make shirts; we craft identities. Join us, and let's redefine streetwear, one flannel at a time. Welcome to the VOLK family.
Welcome to the pack.
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